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The old Chinese has five thousand years of culture, a great number of people know that the four great Chinese inventions: papermaking, printing, the compass and gunpowder. Chinese ancients' wisdom is difficult for many scientists to understand in such a highly developed society. However, the emergence of new technology has made many people's impression of China rest on cheap labor and products. A lot of things can be replaced by high-tech and can be produced by duplication, while handicrafts cannot be instead.
I became a mother not long ago. Due to I live in overseas, I found it is important for me to make my daughter know her motherland's culture and history, which is one of the most ancient civilizations in the world.
I founded this brand with my daughter's name, and I founded my own studio to make handcraft bag with Chinese characteristics after finding like-minded people in China so as to make more people see Chinese handicrafts. We are more than a workshop of the world, we still keep the most original and the most beautiful thing.
In today's society with such a fast pace of life, a single needle or a piece of thread all entail painstaking effort, and I hope my daughter's understanding of Chinese culture can go deep into a single needle or a piece of thread.


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